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Briefly about patenting inventions

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Patenting of inventions to eliminate the use of inventions by third parties for commercial gain. Inventions can only be new and significantly different from the already existing technical solutions in any industry that provide technical results. To be recognized as an invention, the technical solution must necessarily meet the following requirements: novelty, a certain inventive step and industrial applicability. Patentable inventions are divided into two categories: products and processes. In order for the invention to be granted the Patent of Ukraine, it is necessary to file an application for the grant of a patent in the state language to the Ukrapatent (State Department of Integrated Property of Ukraine). The application must contain a description of the invention (formula, drawing, code) and abstract. For filing an application fee is charged, designed to cover the cost of the examination: formal and to the point. In the case of issuing a patent of Ukraine, its validity within the country is 20 years.

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