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Evaluation of a trademark

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Evaluation of a trademark, company name, trademark, or other of the distinguishing features of a product is directly related to the assessment of your business and is made when analyzing the full cycle of sales and production of services or goods of a particular company. During the evaluation of the trademark, the market value of the research object is calculated by determining the measure of the influence of a specific distinctive feature on the profit volume of the company and the value of goods and services.

Evaluation of the trademark one way or another should include the fact that the trademark, as such, does not form the value of the consumer. But it should be said that the advertising of the brand produces a process of popularization of consumer properties of the product, has a positive effect on the formation of demand and ultimately on the price increase for it.

Evaluation of a trademark is first of all an assessment of its reputation. As an exception, there may be a trademark registered but not yet launched into circulation. It may well be considered as an object for licensing, but its use without proper permission will be considered as a tough violation of exclusive rights. When evaluating a trademark, it must be borne in mind that under the object of evaluation they already mean rights to it

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