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Forms of intellectual property protection

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Jurisdictional, i.e. the one that is provided with the use of the state apparatus (criminal and civil proceedings and administrative violation proceedings). This form of protection of intellectual property rights, especially the protection of intellectual property rights in court, is the most acute and effective weapon of protection. But at the same time, not cheap due to the peculiarities of our current judicial system. The experience of specialists of our Agency in providing judicial protection of the rights of our clients has examples when the defendant (and sometimes the plaintiff!) Deliberately delayed the consideration of the case by the court. And additional effective efforts were required to speed up the review. Our approach is a focus on results, on the most rapid and effective solution to the problem of our client.

Non-jurisdictional, i.e. one that covers the actions of citizens and organizations (including through their representatives – patent attorneys), carried out by them independently, without recourse to government agencies. This is also quite an effective way for us to solve the problems of our clients. Often, the actions themselves that prevent a violation or development of a violation of the right to an intellectual property object (for example, a written warning stating the amount of damages while continuing the violation) are sufficient to resolve the situation.

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