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How it is possible to register a trademark?

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In this article we will touch on such questions as: what is a trademark and how the trademark registration process takes place.

A trademark is a certain mark, designation or system of designations, which are usually presented in the form of pictures, numbers, phrases or combinations of all of the above, it can have any color palette. The brand gives the product uniqueness and allows the consumer to select this product from a similar line, which is very convenient for the manufacturer.

Trademark synonyms are:

  • brand (trademark);
  • brand;
  • slogan;
  • emblem;
  • logo.

Registered trademark owner:

  • has the right to use this trademark from its commercial activities;
  • has the right to dispose of it in its activities at its discretion;</ li>
  • has the right to prohibit its use by other enterprises and physical. by individuals.

Trademark registration is carried out by legal entity. individuals and nat. by individuals. The trademark holder can register it himself or contact the professionals in this field. In any case, you will need to go through the following steps:

  • You need to identify your brand, i.e. choose which word, graphic, pattern, combination or phrase will match it.
  • The next step is to choose the type and class of products of the selected brand.
  • Next, you need to check the similarity of the registered trademark with other already existing registered trademarks, as well as to check how it corresponds to the existing conditions for obtaining legal protection.
  • After that, prepare the necessary documents, write an application for registration, and also pay for the state. collection.
  • After everything is ready and assembled, and your application for registration of a trademark has been submitted, a thorough examination is carried out to ensure compliance with all the conditions for obtaining legal protection. If the trademark complies with all the conditions, you will be provided with a registration decision.
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