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How to protect your copyright?

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Each of the people is to some extent the author. Some write music or poems, take pictures, others create different scientific works or write publications in newspapers. In our world, with the rapid development of information technology, more and more often people create works in digital form. Keeping their work in the form of a specific file, publishing it on the Internet, many do not give themselves a readout in that the issue of copyright protection is a very important point. Given that the files are very accessible and ease of copying, it is possible that unauthorized use of the author’s work by others is possible.

The main method of copyright protection is undoubtedly a method of supplying oneself with evidence of the existence of the author’s specific copyright objects on a specific date. The most popular methods for creating such evidence are the deposit of a work in the authors’ society or in a special law company, a notarial certificate that records the date and time of the work, as well as the use of special Internet services.

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