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How to register a trademark

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How to register a trademark

The history of the brand began in ancient times, when artisans began to mark their goods with a personal stamp.

In today’s world, a trademark is an essential attribute of a successful company that is committed to development, gaining an increasing market share. A registered trademark allows its owner not only to use it, but also to transfer the rights to a trademark, to prohibit its use.

Trademark Registration Procedure

1. The choice of class.

Before registering, you need to decide for what types of goods and / or services you will register your trademark. All types of goods and services are grouped into 45 classes of the International Classification of Goods and Services. It is important to determine the choice of classes and it is possible to take into account not only your current activities, but also the development prospects.

2. Preliminary search.

Registration of a trademark may be refused if it is registered or filed for registration with the same or similar TM. That is why, in order not to lose time and money for registration, it is advisable to conduct a search. Standard terms for conducting a preliminary search are 7 working days, it is possible to order a search using the expedited procedure for 3 working days.

3. Term of trademark registration.

Standard terms of trademark registration are 12-18 months. In addition, there is an accelerated registration for 7-9 months or 4-4.5 months.

4. Conclusion of the contract.

Once you have decided on the choice of class, with the terms of the search, as well as with the timing of trademark registration, we sign an agreement with you. Within 2 working days we submit an application for registration of TM. From now on – the filing date of the application, all your rights are valid. Next, the application passes the examination and if there are no grounds for refusal, you will receive a certificate of registration of TM.

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