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How to take into account the timing of trademark registration

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When registering a trademark, first of all consider the timing of registration. In Ukraine, at the moment, with a standard process, this procedure takes from one to one and a half years. There are also accelerated deadlines, which speeds up the process to eight, eight and a half months, and the shortest time – four, four and a half months. Typically, this method is used for the subsequent registration of a domain name in the Ukrainian domain zone .UA. The choice of the speed of the process depends on your financial capabilities, for example, with medium terms (8-8.5 months), payment should be made only after 6 months from the date of application.

Officially, according to the Civil Code of Ukraine, proprietary rights to a trademark begin to operate from the date following the filing date of the application. After submitting an application for registration, you can use your trademark with the TM symbol (Latin letters ™), which means that this trademark has already been filed for registration. If the registration is completed, the ® mark should be attached to the trademark.

When choosing an accelerated registration, you not only accelerate the registration process, but you can be sure that your brand (trademark) is already protected by law. But to have on hand only the application, or the finished certificate, sometimes, is decisive. So at the moment the situation is described “who took the first, that and sneakers.”

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