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Intellectual property provides the following forms of protection

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Intellectual property provides the following forms of protection: a protective document that certifies authorship, the exclusive right and priority of an invention, the term of validity of which depends directly on the object of patenting and is 10 to 25 years.

License – an agreement or document that gives the right to perform certain actions, issued for a period of not less than 5 years

The right of reproduction is a legal norm that regulates the relations of reproduction of literary works, audio, video, art).

Designations used to customize products, services rendered or work performed (service marks, trademarks).

A company name as protection of intellectual property from the time of registration shall be deemed to be unlimited, the legal entity for which the company name is registered has the exclusive right to use it

Intellectual Property: Features, Categories

Intellectual property is defined as a system of exclusive rights institutions that apply to both patentable legal objects and unregistered objects.

Non-registered intellectual property objects, which are copyright objects, commercial information and production, technological, technical secrets, are protected from misappropriation and copying by others.

Intellectual property is divided into two categories:

Industrial property (inventions, industrial designs, trademarks)

Copyright (artistic and literary works, works of art, architectural structures).

In addition, professional patent attorneys are engaged in the protection of intellectual property, who provide full assistance in processing and accompanying intellectual property.

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