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Methods of international patenting of inventions

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Consider the features of the three systems by which you can get a patent for an invention, operating in several states at once. According to the traditional system of patenting, the applicant in all the powers he needs submits separate applications following the requirements of the relevant laws in force in each of these powers. Moreover, the period that has passed between the first and last applications for the grant of a patent must not exceed one year. Using the regional system, you will have to submit just one application, but the patent issued for it will be valid in several states at once (Europatent, Eurasian patent, OAR). If the state in which you need to patent your invention does not belong to any “patent region”, then you can use the PCT system. Many states not participating in any regional associations have signed the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). The PCT system includes a simple patenting procedure: the applicant in his only application indicates the countries he needs exclusively.

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