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Patent for industrial prototype

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Industrial prototype is the result of human creativity in the field of artistic design. The industrial prototype determines the appearance of the product. In other words, a patent for an industrial prototype can protect, with some exceptions, any industrial product that has an individual design solution. Relations arising in connection with the acquisition and exercise of ownership of industrial prototypes in Ukraine are governed by the Law of Ukraine “On the Protection of Industrial Prototypes Rights” dated December 15, 1993. A patent application is usually prepared by a patent attorney.

What protects a patent for an industrial prototype

The patent for the industrial prototype protects the following object characteristics:

  • Form;
  • Drawing;
  • Coloring;
  • Their combinations.

These protected characteristics (criteria) are designed to meet aesthetic and ergonomic needs and determine the appearance of an industrial product.

Conditions of patentability of an industrial prototype.

The conditions of patentability are met by an industrial prototype that is new and industrially applicable.

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