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Patent – protection of your intellectual rights

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A patent for an invention is nothing but a business tool. Most of the inventors who draw up patents in their own names do not have the necessary «connections» or financial support, so after some time, after they receive a patent, they refuse it, understanding that the patent does not bring profit.

The inventor does not need to rely on «abstract» investors. First, enterprises have teams that know a lot about their business. They are engaged in the development and modernization, analyzing all the technical information, as well as translations of patents for inventions. Secondly, provided that the lead manager appreciates the benefits of implementing the invention, there is no guarantee that the individual inventor will receive a decent reward for using his invention.

It must be remembered, patent for invention is a peculiar tool in business. In addition to the need to pay «from your own pocket», the very search for analogs of patents for inventions, patent examination, a patent must be used competently from the point of view of running a business.

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