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Principles of intellectual property protection in Ukraine

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In order to prevent the violation of rights intellectual property when importing or exporting intellectual property for the owner of such objects is very important to establish control over their movement across the customs border of Ukraine.

Control over the movement of goods that contain objects intellectual property, has the right to establish the State Customs Service of Ukraine, provided that these goods are listed in the register.

In order to establish control, it is necessary to submit to the State Customs Service an application of the established form regarding the inclusion of the object intellectual property into the register. The application must contain comprehensive information about the product that contains the objects intellectual property and its owner. This information is entered into the computer database of the State Customs Service, a corresponding register of goods is compiled. All customs have access to this information in order to identify products that are imported or exported with goods registered in the database, which contain objects intellectual property and thus distinguish counterfeit products from the registered.

The owner is interested in providing as much information as possible about the product that contains the object intellectual property, so that under customs control it is possible to distinguish counterfeit products from those registered.

It must be remembered that it is the owner of industrial or copyright who is fully responsible for taking measures to protect his rights and decides on the need for such measures at the border. The role of the customs authorities is limited to facilitating such rights.

At the request of the owner or his representative registration is carried out for six months or one year.

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