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Problem of Intellectual property protection in Ukraine

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Since its inception, intellectual property protection has been criticized by both individuals and organizations. Moreover, both the exclusive rights themselves and their unification into a single concept were criticized.

The weak point of intellectual property is the theory that an idea comes to mind only to one person. Practice shows that the state of science at a certain point in time can «prepare» a discovery or invention that can be made by different independent people at about the same time, without knowing about each other’s works. In the case of the use of the concept of «intellectual property» the rights and the opportunity to use legal proceedings and monetary deductions for this invention will go only to the first to declare that it can be very unfair. At the same time, quite a few cases are known (for example, Popov and Marconi, Tesla and Edison), when the fixed right to protection of intellectual property was controversial and did not correspond much to the real contribution to human invention.

Speeches against the protection of intellectual property especially intensified in the 1980s and 1990s, with the proliferation of digital technology and the Internet. The Free Software Foundation advocates for the rights of users of computer programs, and against excessive, from its position, restriction of their copyright and patents. The Electronic Frontier Foundation is fighting against violations of various rights and freedoms & mdash; violations related, among other things, to the realization of exclusive rights of protection of intellectual property, or committed under its pretext. [to clarify] [3] Since 2005, there are “pirate parties” fighting against intellectual property protection at the general political level.

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