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Trademark application

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The use of a trademark shall be deemed its use on goods or services for which this mark is registered, and/or packaging of goods by the right holder to whom such right belongs on the basis of a license agreement. The use of a trademark can also be its use in advertising, printed products, signs, demonstration of exhibits at exhibitions or fairs, television, if there are valid reasons for the non-use of a trademark on goods and (or) their packaging.

Legal entities and individuals engaged in intermediary activities may, on the basis of a contract, use their trademark along with the trademark of the manufacturer of the goods, as well as instead of the trademark of the latter.

Registration of trademark rights is territorial in nature. This means that legal entities and individual entrepreneurs receive the right to protect a trademark only in those countries where they received a certificate of registration of their trademark with the relevant registration authorities.

The use of trademarks (trademarks) has several objectives, namely:


  1. Manufacturers can use trademarks (trademarks) to distinguish their products from products manufactured by other manufacturers.

  3. Consumers also have a benefit, because trademarks (trademarks) indicate that this product is not a fake and has the appropriate quality.

  5. The state’s interest in the existence of a trademark (trademark) system is due to the possibility of facilitating economic development.

  7. International cooperation is facilitated by the mutual recognition of trademarks (trademarks) and related duties, and thus the prevention of counterfeit goods.
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