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Trademark. Basic concepts.

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The trademark represents any designation that allows to distinguish the goods or services of the enterprise from the goods or services of the company, and individualizes them.

A trademark may consist of words, pictures, letters, numbers, or packaging,

slogans, elements, symbols, etc.

There are word signs consisting of words, letters, numbers, abbreviations or names, for example, surnames. For example, the famous automobile manufacturer Ford, named, naturally, in the honor of Henry Ford, who built the first ee car; then there is the WH Smith company – book publishers, etc.

There are many firms that use the name as a trademark. They also encounter abbreviations such as IBM, however, trademarks may also be made in the form of embossing or painting elements, as in the case of Shell Oil.

Trademarks may also be three-dimensional representing the packaging of goods or the goods themselves. In addition, color solutions for trademarks can be protected. Now the new type of hologram trademarks is gaining popularity.

There are also such things as sound signs: a sound can serve as a trademark. In some countries, there are even olfactory signs, when a certain smell can be protected as a trademark. In general, there is a whole number of various designations that are used as trademarks, but two conditions are the same: the sign must have distinctive ability and should not be misleading.

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