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Trademark Functions

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1) Highlight function

The use of a trademark or trademark makes it possible to single out a particular enterprise among others. It also helps the owner of the trademark in selling goods or providing services, and the buyer in choosing the desired product or service among similar ones.

2) Indication function

The indication function is very similar to the selection function. The use of a trademark indicates the source of the product or service. The source does not mean a geographical area, but an enterprise. A trademark is not required to indicate the name or location of its owner. Products and services that have the same trademark are considered to be those that originate from the same source, but can be produced in different enterprises.

3) The function of pointing to a certain quality of a product or service

This function consists in the fact that a trademark that is used on certain goods or services indicates their quality, which is not in doubt with the consumer.

4) Advertising function

This is the main function of the trademark. Its essence is to provide consumers with information about a product or service and thereby helps stimulate demand for these goods or services. The function of advertising is a psychological impact on the consumer, which occurs through distribution on radio, television, and the press.

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