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Trademark in the USSR

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The procedure for acquiring the right to a Trademark, its use and protection is determined by national legislation. For example, in the USSR, the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR of May 15, 1962 «On Trademarks», the Regulation on Trademarks (approved by the State Committee of the Council of Ministers of the USSR on Inventions and Discoveries of January 8, 1974) and international agreements, the most important of which are the Paris Convention on the protection of industrial property of 1883 and the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Trademarks of 1891 (both ratified by the USSR). In all socialist countries and most capitalist countries (for example, in Germany, France, Japan, Italy, Scandinavian countries) the exclusive right to a trademark is acquired through its official registration (in the USSR – in the State Committee of the USSR Council of Ministers for Inventions and Discoveries) and in some states (for example, in the UK, USA, Switzerland) due to the actual use of Trademarks in economic circulation.

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