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Trademark – Intellectual Property Protection

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A trademark is nothing more than a means to individualize an enterprise, commodity production, or services provided. A simple, expressive, and easily memorable, meaningful trademark causes the consumer to associate with a particular firm, and therefore with the quality of the goods or services that the firm provides. A trademark is one of the main, important elements of the company’s image, a trademark allows consumers to choose in the field of goods and services.

An easily recognizable trademark makes it possible to determine its origin and judge the quality of a product or service. The consumer will buy goods with a higher price, but manufactured under a well-known and advertised trademark, than to buy a relatively cheap and probably low-quality product of a little-known manufacturer. Consequently, in the trademark, the consumer sees first of all a guarantee of quality, which is important.

More common trademarks are signs with verbal designations. Trademarks that are based on drawing are considered less common. The third type of trademarks are, as they are called, combined symbols, which include both verbal and figurative elements. There are still the most rare trademarks, such as sound, volume, etc.)

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