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Trademark. Registration Rules

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Trademark (™) is a designation «serving for the individualization of goods of legal entities or individual entrepreneurs»

The development of a trademark is the development of a designation that is planned to be used for marking goods (services).

Brand development consists of the definition of:

  1. Circle of goods and services;
  2. Country territories;
  3. The consumer circle (children, adults, students, etc.);
  4. Options (only one brand development option for all products, or several options: one for products of lower quality and the other for higher quality).

Trademark registration is the only correct way to protect intellectual property – the rights to a mark for goods and services. This is the process of making a trademark in the Trademark Register, which belongs to the Patent Office of a particular country.

The patent office of Ukraine is Ukrpatent, Russia – Rospatent, Belarus – Belgospatent, etc. .

Ukraine and its trademark registration popularity statistics. It should be noted that in spite of the economic situation in Ukraine, about 80 applications are filed with the Patent Office each working day.

Trademark registration is perfect for companies that:

  1. value the image and reputation of the company;
  2. have the desire to be monopolists of this designation both on the national market of Ukraine and internationally;
  3. have legal protection and protection.

A trademark has an extraterritorial restriction: the registration of a mark with the Patent Office of Ukraine provides trademark status only throughout Ukraine and in no way automatically applies to other countries. Each country protects and protects its registered and registered trademarks. Recently, national registration of a trademark in China, Russia, the USA, and Japan has gained wide popularity. This can be done in each country individually or with a single filing of an international trademark registration.

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