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Trademark – what and why

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In 2004, the Civil Code began to operate in Ukraine, according to which the concept of «Trademark» officially appeared in the Ukrainian legal environment (Ukrainian Торговельна марка, Russian Торговая марка). Also, there are synonyms: trademark, trademark, logo, and so on, but, nevertheless, the most common accepted and official term is a trademark. A trademark (abbreviated as TM) is literally the face of your company. This is a label, this is the first association and it is the main element of promotion and outdoor advertising. And, if you do not save on the support and protection of TM, then the cost of it will pay off at times. And in order to do all this, you need to register your trademark. Even the fact of trademark registration gives a number of tangible benefits – protection from unscrupulous competitors who can use your name, the right to register a domain name in the .UA zone, the ability to enter the cost of TM in the authorized capital, the conclusion of licensing agreements.

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