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Trademarks in the ancient world

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The first trademarks began to be applied in the ancient world, about 5000 years before our era. In the production of pottery, special designations were applied to it, which at present can be attributed to trademarks. At that time, one of the most famous pottery stamps was the factory stamp Fortis, which was very popular and because of this was often subjected to copying and forging.

In ancient China, during the reign of Emperor Hong-To, the dishes that were produced were marked with the first distinct symbols. These designations indicated the name of the ruling emperor or producer.

In ancient Rome, potters marked their products with special signs. According to such signs, the buyer could easily distinguish the products of some manufacturers from others.

Also very famous was the Roman marking of bricks. This marking differed from the markings from other places in a large amount of information on it. The marking of the Roman brick contained information on the date and material of which the brick was made. Also, the manufacturer was responsible for the building, which was built from such bricks.

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