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What gives a trademark registration?

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What gives a trademark registration?

First, you get a certificate of ownership, which gives you a number of property rights:

  • Direct right to use the trademark.
  • The exclusive right to allow the use of the trademark by third parties.
  • The exclusive right to ban illegal use of a trademark .

Since the intangible value of a trademark can be significant, you can use it as an asset. For example, to use loans secured by a trademark. The trademark also reduces taxable income by the amount of depreciation.

At the moment, only after receiving the certificate, you can register this trademark as a domain name in the zone .UA.

The basic rules prescribe that the brand does not contradict public order, the principles of humanity and morality. Images, designations or imitations of the following cannot be registered:

  • State emblems, flags, and other symbols.
  • Official state names.
  • Emblems, abbreviations or full names of international organizations
  • Official control, warranty and assay stamps, seals
  • awards and other insignia.

If there is a need to include these designations in the trademark, you can do this by adding them as unprotected elements, but only if you already have the consent of the owners.

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