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What is the brand name?

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A trademark can be any designation or any combination of them, allowing to distinguish produced/provided goods/services by one person from manufactured/provided goods/services of another person. Such designations can be words, letters, figurative elements, color combinations “(Art. 492 of the Civil Code of Ukraine). If a trademark registration is successful, you will receive a certificate. The trademark certificate (trademark) expires ten years, the filing date of the application for registration. You also have the right to renew the certificate for ten years, an unlimited number of times.

If you describe the application registration procedure in more detail, it can be divided into three main stages:

  • First. A preliminary search for the identity and similarity of the trademark.
  • Second. Preparation, application for registration.
  • Third. Obtaining a trademark certificate.

But always before the registration process, you should determine for yourself the purpose of such registration.

The cost of the registration procedure mainly depends on the desired registration term of the trademark, the type of mark, the presence of color, and the number of classes of the Nice Classification (international classification of goods and services) that your application affects during registration.

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