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What is the patent for?

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The existence of a patent gives its holder the right to ban virtually any unauthorized use of his intellectual property by others. The right to the legal use of inventions, utility models and industrial prototypes can be granted to other persons only under the condition of paying remuneration to the patent owner (on the basis of a licensing agreement or a patent assignment agreement). Exclusive rights give the patent owner the opportunity not only to recoup the costs of creating a new solution, but also to make a profit for a long time due to the sole control of a certain market niche. When you need a trade patent for the organization of exit trade?

In the summer, entrepreneurs become crowded at their point of sale and there is a desire to go somewhere else with the goods, i.e. organize outbound trade. When private entrepreneurs need to acquire a trade patent for the organization of exit trade? Under the outbound trade refers to trade outside the main trading premises (store or other outlet) of the entrepreneur.

Outbound trading, as well as regular cash trading, is subject to patenting.

From January 1, 2011, the fee for a trade patent for certain types of business activities was transferred from national taxes and fees to the category of local ones and changed its name. In Art. 267 of the Tax Code of Ukraine (hereinafter referred to NKU), it is called the fee for the implementation of certain types of business activities.

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