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What is trademark registration required for?

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Trademark registration is an important factor for a successful business. It will help to avoid unexpected losses and damages when promoting new products or services on the market. A trademark is a designation that allows us to distinguish the goods and services of some persons from the goods and services of others. If you do not register your trademark with the Patent Office in time, the promotion of a new brand of your product will be used by unscrupulous competitors to sell their counterfeit products, which in turn will be a serious obstacle to your development and your business will suffer not only because of loss of consumer confidence to your brand. By registering your trademark, you will protect it. Trademark registration is as follows: application, formal examination, verification of compliance with the application materials, qualified examination — checks for identity and similarity, making a decision on the application. The procedure takes more than a year, maybe 8 months and about 2 months. For speeding up the examination, the size of the state duty of the Patent Office increases. The rightholder of a trademark has the right to use it, to dispose of it and to prohibit the use of it by other persons. Illegal use of a trademark entails civil, administrative and criminal liability. Trademark registration is a necessary condition for a successful business.

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