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Why do I need a patent?

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The inventor does not need a patent to use his invention. He has this right automatically, this is the right to use it, but only in the case that someone else does not own the patent of the invention. Having a patent, its owner gets the opportunity to protect their rights from various violations in court and to demand compensation in cash.

The obtained patent in any CIS countries grants the right to manufacture, use and disseminate the invention within the given country in which the given patent is valid. To obtain permission to use the invention can any company or firm or even an individual. This permission is called “license”. In this case, the owner of the patent is paid a license fee, the amount of which is determined in the license agreement. The owner of the patent and his proxies must themselves ensure the protection of the exclusive right. In order for an invention to be patentable, it must possess:

  1. Novelty. For any specialist, this should be something new, not known until now. Under the “novelty” is determined by something new, the discovery of a new technical level, the advancement in any area.
  2. Inventive Level. This invention should not be obvious, i.e. should not obviously flow from already existing knowledge.
  3. Industry Application. This clause determines the potential use of the invention in the practical field.
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