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process of patenting is in Ukraine301


Lately at all on hearing patent wars that is opened out between the large transnational producers of electronics and software(and quite often - and by small companies-developers). For example, a company-developer Forgent Networks, patenting in 1987 the widespread graphic format of JPEG, sues 150 companies(including and Microsoft) using this technology without the corresponding licensed withholdings already. Forgent Networks won already more than $90 million And the small Canadian company Mosaid Technologies, working out and patenting technology of load of DRAM maps, won back multimillion indemnification at a company Samsung.

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Beginning patent war, it is necessary to be determined with an object that a company plans to patent, and then and with prohibition of his use by competitors. Patenting is possible a few types of objects of industrial property is this invention, useful model, industrial prototype,