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Well-known trademarks. Third part300


And in case if an identical or similar sign is registered for heterogeneous commodities, that confession of sign can well-known play well, and can not play some role. All will depend on that, whether an owner will be able well well-known sign to prove in a court, that the use well of well-known sign in regard to heterogeneous commodities and services specifies other person on connection between him and by an owner well well-known sign and whether it will be to his interests harm is caused by such use".

Undoubtedly, official confession of sign well well-known in some situations is, how hardly not only founding for filing action for abolition of identical or similar sign. And in a court and interesting begins. Courts our quite ready neither morally nor intellectually to the analysis of such difficult situation as "and whether the use of this sign specifies other person in regard to such commodities and services on connection between them and by an owner well well-known sign.