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Well-known trademarks. Fourth part301


In accordance with an item 10 - bis of Parisian convention of "Country of Union are under an obligation to provide to the citizens of countries participating in Union, effective protecting from an unfair competition.

The act of unfair competition every act of competition, conflicting with honest customs in industrial and trade businesses, is considered. In particular, subject to prohibition: all actions, capable by what that was not бы method to cause mixing in regard to an enterprise, products or industrial or trade activity of competitor.

In accordance with the item of a 1 Law of Ukraine "About protecting from an unfair competition"(07.06.1996 № 236/96-ВР) the "Unfair competition are any actions in competitions, that conflict with rules trade and to other honest customs in entrepreneurial activity. In particular, an unfair competition is the illegal use of business reputation of managing subject(businessman). Illegal, among other.