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Registration of domain names UA.300


Although the domain name does not behave to the objects of intellectual property, it is impossible to deny circumstance that it serves for individualization of person in space of network the Internet. In this sense the domain name and such types of objects of intellectual property as: the brandname names, trademarks, pointing of places of origin of commodities is similar. They specify addressed to a producer, origin of his commodities or services, allow to distinguish some person among other participants of entrepreneurial activity, to distinguish a commodity and/or services of one enterprise from other, characterizing reputation and position of enterprise the same.
   It is very important, that the brandname name of legal entity or trademark was not used by other participants of market relations, especially with disrepute.

   Using for registration of Web- of web-site as the domain name(further is a domen) of stranger trademark or brandname name in world practice got the name of "киберзахват".