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Advantages of patenting of inventions301


Using the traditional system of patenting an inventor for the receipt of patent in a few countries gives requests on a patent in each of these countries. It is very important to give requests on inventions in the strictly set terms. It is therefore necessary to watch after that all requests were given to expiration 12 months from the date of filing of a first application. It is related to maintenance of quarantinable priority (i.e. dates of the first filing of an application. A declarant must know thus, that formal requirements of each are of countries to filing of an application. At filing of an application on an invention it is necessary to take into account next factors:
A request must be in language of certain country;
Conducting correspondence with Patent Department of every country is necessary exceptionally through patent attorneys. Otherwise this correspondence can be confessed by illegal.
It is necessary in time and in full to pay the duties envisaged in every country. Such system, can appear difficult enough for the declarant of invention.