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Protection of industrial samples300


 on was December, 15 1993 passed an act Ukraine "About the guard of rights on industrial prototypes". This Law with subsequent changes regulates all relations arising up in connection with acquisition and realization of right of ownership on industrial prototypes in Ukraine.
  As a result of completion of procedure of patenting of industrial prototype a patent is given out. A patent on an industrial prototype confirms the right of ownership on an industrial prototype . After the receipt of patent priority, authorship and absolute title, is provided a declarant on his use. Every declarant must know that term of action of patent on an industrial prototype - 10 from the date of filing of an application in Patent Department. After completion of term of action of patent at will of patentee he can be прологирован Department. The term of extension can not exceed 5.

  Rights for a patentee, operate from the date of publication of information about his delivery. Data of right enter into legal force after payment of annual collection for maintenance.