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   It is known that one of methods for development("untwisting") of own business, there is an increase of market of sale of the commodities(services), by networking of own salespeople on other territories. But creation of own network of shops, hotels, cafe etc. on other territory, maintenance in her high level service, requires considerable expenses and energy from the side of proprietor.
   It was already a long ago marked at the same time, that, selling a right on the business to other independent businessmen, teaching to their practical skills of conduct of such profitable business, a proprietor can obtain much more result.

   On the other hand, to the beginning businessmen it is well known that to work under the "untwisted" name or trademark far more advantageous, than to expend enormous facilities on untwisting of own business and support of his stability.

   By the method of decision of foregoing task and there is franchaizing.