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Role of an assessment of intellectual property300


   World experience testifies that for many large firms the cost of their intellectual property  can arrive at 35-50% of total worth of firm.
   Such estimation can become to you necessary in cases:
are privatizing of national property;
are forming of charter fund at creation of new and/or changes of legal status of operating economic associations;
- at drafting and registration of licence contracts, bargains and sale of objects to intellectual property;
are fraudulent or rights alienations on to intellectual property;
are the credit drawing on the security rights on the objects of intellectual property;
are insurances;
are raising on a record-keeping as an intangible asset and conduct of record-keeping;
are realizations of judicial trial (determining size of damage, in case of the illegal use of objects of intellectual property;
- at development of innovative projects;
- in other cases envisaged by a legislation.