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How to protect the copyright?300


 Each of people in some measure is an author. Some compose or verses, take pictures, other create the different advanced studies or write to the publication in newspapers. In our  world at swift development of information technologies in increasing frequency people create works in a digital kind. Saving the work as a certain file, publishing him in the Internet, many do not give to itself counting out in that, question about the protection of authorial rights very important moment. Taking into account that files are very accessible simplicity in a printing-down, the further unauthorized use of labour of author is possible other.
Undoubted  is the basic method of protection of authorial rights method of supply itself by proofs of existence for the author of certain objects of copyrights upon the certain date. The most popular methods of creation of such proofs are depositing of work in authorial society or in the special legal company, notarial certification that fixes a date and time of work.