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Trademarks are in the ancient world300


 The first trademarks began to inflict as early as the ancient world, approximately after 5000 to our era. At the production of clay tableware on her the special denotations that presently can be attributed to the trademarks were inflicted. At that time one of the best-known pottery brands was a factory brand of Fortis, that used very large popularity and from it often exposed to the printing-down and counterfesance.
In ancient China, in the period of reign of emperor Хонг-То tableware that was produced marked the first distinct denotations. These denotations specified addressed to a ruling emperor or producer.
In ancient Rome potters marked the wares the special signs. On such signs a customer could easily distinguish the wares of one producers from other.
Also very well-known was the Roman marking of brick. This marking differed from marking from other places by the large volume of information on her. Marking of the Roman brick contained information about a date and material.