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Types of trade marks: graphic trade mark300

One of types of trade mark, that you can choose during her registration, it is a graphic trade mark. She consists of graphic elements and some общеупотребляемых drawn symbols. Registering a trade mark is possible in a color, and also possible to do her design черно-белым, that will sound as "registration of trade mark without pointing of color".

The elements of picture can be situated both on a horizontal and on a vertical line, is on anything not influences: a trade mark will remain a trade mark.

In increasing frequency during registration of trade mark it is possible to run into such problem: a businessman, registering a graphic trade mark, wants to register letters as a trade mark, for example, "А" or "Б" etc. It is necessary to understand that it is impermissible because of inevitable refuse from the side of examination of the Ukrainian patents. They argue it that such trade mark is combined.