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A commodity sign is legal framework of enterprise300


 Under a concept a trademark (eng of Trademark)   is implied denotation, that serves for individualization of commodities, executable works or services of legal or physical entities.
A trademark is this denotation that needs to the consumers in order that to distinguish goods and services of one legal or physical entities from commodities and services of other legal or physical entities.
An absolute title on a trademark, that makes sure a certificate on a trademark, confesses a law. In other words the legal owner of trademark has a right to use this trademark, to boss them and forbid his use other persons, but only in civil circulation, in particular:
·        on commodities, on labels, packing of these commodities, that is produced, are for sale, advertised or by another character entered in civil circulation
·        "at implementation of works, providing of services(in case of sign of service);
·        on the documentation related to introduction of commodities to.