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How it is possible to register a trademark300


In this article we will touch such questions, as: what such trade mark(trademark) and how the process of registration of trade mark passes.

A trade mark is some sign, denotation or system of denotations, that usually present as pictures, numbers, phrases or of combinations of all enumerated, she can have any colour palette. A trade mark gives a commodity an unicity and allows to the consumer to distinguish this commodity from the line of similar, that very comfortably for a producer.

The synonyms of trade mark it is been:
it is    (commodity) a logo(brand);
it is    a brand;
it is    a slogan;
it is    an emblem;
it is    a logotype.

Фирма-правообладательница of the registered trade mark :
-    has a right to use the brand given by trade from the commercial activity;
-    has a right to dispose of her in the activity at own discretion;
-    has a right to forbid her use another enterprises and физ. by persons.