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Preventive marking300


Almost always near the registered trade mark you will see little denotation, this is the preventive marking. Such marking can exemplify led around in a circle, Latin letter of "R", little letters "ТМ", and also words "Trademark" or "Registered Trademark"(рус. "registered sign")   and "Marque deposee" similarly "Marca registrada". The preventive marking is put by the Patent department and put with the purpose of advising of the third persons that this trade mark  is registered and guarded by a law.

     A few variations of interpretation of such signs.  For example: preventive marking "ТМ" put for the trade mark given in the Patent department on registration, but on that guard document(certificate), yet not given out. Another example, the preventive marking of "R" is intended for by the registered trade mark that got a guard document(certificate) already. But it at the level of ordinary man.