Useful Articles / procedure of registration of trade mark

procedure of registration of trade mark300


If you want to register a trade mark, then you can do it the forces or appeal to the professionals in the field of intellectual property. During registration of trade mark it is necessary:

1.    To choose denotation for your trade mark: verbal, graphic or combined.

2.    To designate the services and commodities given by you and attribute them to the certain classes in the International classifier of commodities and services.

3.    To check the denotation of your trade mark chosen by you for the purpose accordance to the certain terms of receipt of legal safeguard according to Law of Ukraine "On the guard of rights on signs for commodities and services".

4.    To make a request about registration of trade mark, and also to prepare another necessary documents.

5.    To fasten on the package of the collected documents a receipt about payment state . collection.

6.    To give present for you documents in the Ukrainian institute of industrial property, where in case of the correct processing of all documents you will be notified.