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Order of registration of_commodity_sign 301

That is needed for registration of trademark(trade mark)?

For registration of trademark(trade mark) next information is needed:

it is   an image of trademark(trade mark);
 -  complete information about Declarant: his complete name or name of organization, address with an index, code of ЕГРПОУ(for legal entities);
 it is  a bill of goods and services in International classification(МКТУ) or description of activity of Declarant.

How much will cost registration of trademark(trade mark)?

The cost of registration of trademark(trade mark) will depend on:

-    type of the registered sign : whether he will be verbal/graphic or combined;
-    colour gamut of sign : whether he will be черно-белым, or Declarant wants to do his coloured;
are    amounts of classes of the commodities and services, chosen by Declarant;
are    procedures of registration : she can be ordinary, speed-up(registration for 8-9 months) or rapid(registration for 3-4 months).