Registration of Topographies of Integrated Circuits

Integrated circuit (IC) – microelectronic product of final or intermediate form, intended to serve as an electronic circuit, elements and the connection of which are integrally formed in the bulk and (or) on the surface of the material, which is the basis of such a product, regardless of the method of manufacture.

Topography of IC – is inscribed on a tangible medium of space – the geometric placement of a set of elements of integrated circuits and connections between them.

Relations arising in connection with the acquisition and implementation of property rights in the topography of integrated circuits (Tic) are governed by the law of Ukraine “On the Protection of topographies of integrated circuits” from Nov. 5, 1997 N 621/97-VR with amendments.

Legal protection of Tic is carried by the state through its registration in the Office. Registration of Tic is carried out under the responsibility of the applicant for its protectability.

The exclusive right to use the topography of IC is proved by a certificate which is valid for 10 years from the date of filing with the Office or the date of first use of integrated circuit topographies.

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