Trademark registration

Company of Patent Attorneys of Ukraine “Krylova & Partners” provides services for trademark registration in Ukraine and abroad.

A trademark (trademark for goods and services) – a designation by which goods and services of one person are different from goods and services of others.

Following the procedure of registration of the trademark owner is given a certificate which certifies the ownership of the trademark. Certificate is valid for 10 years from the date of filing with the Patent Office and can be extended each time for 10 years at request of its owner, filed in the last year of the validity of the certificate upon payment of the fee to the government.

The scope of legal protection given by the certificate is determined by the image of a trademark, as well as the list of goods and services, which carried out registration of a trademark.

In the process of trademark registration their object is determined. Object of the trademark can be verbal, visual, volumetric, and other designations or combinations, made in any color combination. Relations arising in connection with the acquisition and implementation of property rights to the trademark in Ukraine, is governed by the Law of Ukraine.

During the registration of a trademark an emphasis is placed on enhancing the legal protection of trademarks. Additionally, you can get a document recognizing that trademark is well-known in Ukraine.

Also trademark registration is necessary for the exclusion of any claims on the rights of the trademark owner. After registering, a trademark can be used on the packaging of goods, advertising, printing, billboards, when displaying exhibits in exhibitions and fairs, brochures, invoices, form letters and other documents related to the introduction of these products and (or) services in economic turnover. Any encroachment on the rights of the owner of the trademark is considered a violation of his rights and is punishable under applicable law.

The recognition that the trademark is well known in Ukraine is a significant advantage to its owner: firstly, the trademark is protected regardless of whether the application is submitted for registration of a trademark or not, and, secondly, the legal protection also extends to goods and services unrelated to those for which the trademark is recognized well-known, if the owner thinks that it is harmful to his/her interest.

Patent Attorneys of firm “Krylova and Partners” conducts the registration of a trademark in Ukraine and CIS.

Sincerely, patent attorneys (Kiev, Ukraine) “Registration of a trademark”.

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