Trademark registration in Ukraine


or, as it is called, a sign for the goods and services used to refer to goods (services), a businessman and his distinction of goods (services) of goods (services) of other entrepreneurs.

As a trademark may make verbal or visual, volumetric or combined symbols created in any color scheme.

You need to register your trademark is unique? Refer to the company, “Krylov and partners,” and we will take all necessary actions relating to the registration of a trademark:

1. We competently draw up and serve the application for trademark registration, as well as execute all appropriate documents for a decision on the recognition of the mark is well known in Ukraine.

2. Our firm provides legal support of your application during the processing of the Patent Office.

3. Our experts will search for identity and similarity of your trademark is registered in Ukraine trademarks and has just filed for registration.

4. Our company will notify you when you receive a certificate of trademark registration, it will maintain in force, and to its expiration will take care of its extension.

5.  We will make you register and license agreements, agreements on the transfer of ownership.

6. Our experts will draw up for you all the necessary documents for international trademark registration.

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