Registration of domains in UA zone

In modern society, such words and phrases like “web-site”, “domain” and “domain name” do not cause misunderstanding. On the contrary, every company, every entrepreneur considers it necessary to have its own web-site with its own name (domain name).

Domain in UA zone is the most prestigious of the existing types of domains. And it is no accident, since it wins among all “domain-competitors” by brevity (so it is easy to remember) and status (indicating that the activity of the owner of the domain is successful).

As it is known, one of the conditions of domain name in UA zone registration is registered trademark word part of which should coincide with the desired domain name.

We, as professionals in the field of intellectual property, offer comprehensive services for trademark and appropriate domain name in UA zone registration.

The entire registration process (trademark + domain) will only take 3 months. Do not delay the procedure until tomorrow, because competitors can beat you today.

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