Intellectual property protection

Lack of attention to intellectual property protection of copyright and related rights, trademarks and other objects lead to material and moral damage to authors and holders of intellectual property rights.

Issues relating to the payment of royalties, with the conclusion of copyright and licensing agreements, using the trademark without the certificate of registration, have emerged from the owners of intellectual property and are not always solved correctly.

Quite complex are the relations of employer and creator of intellectual property, such as service inventions, works of art, created under an employment contract. 

To date, important question is: doing business with foreign companies. Can one start a business if the trade mark or any other intellectual property of a foreign company is not registered on the territory of Ukraine and what to do if such a trademark is already registered? 

What to do if someone illegally uses your brand name, trademark, invention or industrial design?

For these and other issues you may need legal advice of specialists in the field of intellectual property protection.

Patent Attorneys “Krylova & Partners” provide legal advice and carry out protection of objects of intellectual property in the courts.

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