Protection against unfair competition

Unfair competition includes various types of activities contrary to honest industrial and commercial practice. In a competitive environment of market relations there are cases when the objects of intellectual property protection are the subject of unfair competition.

Specific types of dishonest activities are identified by international and national legislation (for example: “Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property” ; Laws of Ukraine “On Limitation of monopoly and suppression of unfair competition in business”, 18.02.1992, and “On protection from unfair competition”, 7.06.1996, with amendments).

Intellectual property protection from unfair competition is generally carried out through the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine or the judiciary system. Unfair competition is:

  • using, receiving, distributing trade secrets and confidential information to harm the business reputation or property of another entrepreneur;
  • misuse of company name, trademark, unlawful copying of form, packaging, direct re-creation of the goods of another entrepreneur, unauthorized use of his name.

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