Company of Patent Attorneys of Ukraine “Krylova & Partners” provides services for patenting inventions, utility models and industrial designs in Ukraine and abroad.

Invention (utility model) – is the result of human intellectual activity in any field of technology.

Design – is the result of human creativity in the field of artistic design.

In order to reprimand a patent, you must go through the procedure patent . When you see, you will see a patent document that will protect you for the right to violate your personal license. The hour of the patent for wine is mixed. Krim vinakhodi V you can viconati the patent of a cinnamon model or a commercial part.

If you are interested in protecting the shape, pattern, color or combination of them, it is necessary to hold patents for the industrial design. In the process of patenting, special attention should be paid to the aesthetic and ergonomic characteristics of an industrial product. Also, from the point of view of patenting, the appearance of the product is important. If it is important for you to protect the essential features of the object of patenting that arise as a result of intellectual activity, then you need a patent for the invention and utility model. And in this case it is necessary to undergo the corresponding procedure of patenting. It is important to know the difference in patents for the invention and utility model. Patent for the invention is valid for 20 years, and the utility model is 10 years. It is also necessary to understand that the procedures for obtaining patents are different.

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