Patenting of industrial designs

Usually, the industrial design is the result of human creativity in the field of artistic design.

Before you do the patenting of industrial design you need to determine the object. The object of the industrial design can be a shape, drawing or coloring.

These objects determine the appearance of industrial products, and are designed to meet the aesthetic and ergonomic needs. In some cases, you can use a combination of different objects.

December 15th, 1993 the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Industrial Designs” was adopted. This Act, with further amendments, governs all matters arising in connection with the acquisition and implementation of property rights for industrial designs in Ukraine.

As a result of the completion of the patenting process, the industrial design patent is given. A patent for an industrial design confirms the ownership of industrial design. After receiving the patent, the applicant is provided the priority, authorship and the exclusive right to use it. Each applicant should be aware that the validity of a patent for industrial design is 10 years from the date of filing with the Patent Office. Following the expiration of a patent, the owner of the patent can extend its terms in the Patent Office. The extension may not exceed 5 years.

Patent owner s rights are valid from the date of publication of the patent. These rights come into force after the payment of annual fees for maintaining patent s validity.

Each patent holder should know that from a legal point of view protected is a set of essential features of the industrial design, which are displayed in the photographs of the products (its layout and / or drawing).

Patent Attorneys of the firm “Krylova & Partners” have all the necessary certificates from the Patent Office of Ukraine for the following works, including:

  • registration and filing of a patent of industrial design in accordance with the rules of drafting patent applications for industrial design;
  • receiving a patent for industrial design and its maintenance;
  • preparation and registration of license agreements, agreements on transfer of ownership.

If you entrust a patent on the industrial design to our patent attorneys, this work will be done within the law-allowed time and with high quality.

The main objective of patent attorneys is the correct preparing and filing of application forms, because otherwise it is possible a patent will be rejected.

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